I am a writer. Define that however you'd like--but for me it looks like:

Publications (Print)

The Washington Post
Discover The Dayton Region
The Yellow Springs News
The Dayton City Paper
The Dayton Anthology (release: fall 2020)



  • If You Can Order A Cup Of Coffee At Starbucks, We Can Be Best Friends! (The Ohio Arts Council, 2019-2020)
  • Alice, Although (The Yellow Springs Kids Playhouse, 2016)
  • Ignition (The Ohio State University, 2014)
  • Elysium Interrupted (The Ohio State University, 2012)
  • If Only This Date Had The Speed Of Your Tongue (Antioch College, 2006)
  • Those Oh, You Give Me Fever Dreams (Antioch College, 2005)
  • You Need This!, a devised work (Antioch College, 2004)
  • The Importance of being Earnest, a modernized re-imagining (Antioch College, 2003)
  • A War Lost in Time, a devised work (Antioch College 2002)


Web Content

Mental Shoes (webzine)
Onstage Blog


Third prize in the Dayton Metro Library Poetry Contest for the poem, “Love Knots”


This is the link to all of my articles for Toptenznet:
“Why Hamilton’s Most Compelling Cast Member is its Understudy”
Appeared in: Onstage Blog, June 2016
“Reaching for the (Small) Skyline”
Appeared in: Onstage Blog, June 2016